How much does a new custom bobblehead cost? 

Add the cuteness of a bobblehead to your graduation time, family get together, romantic moments, sports event, wedding day, birthday, or any other day and make it learn by heart. Here, the good news is that you don’t need to cough up a lot of pennies to get your custom bobblehead. Just find a reputable and proven bobblehead maker that can produce a single high-quality figure for you quickly and at a low cost.

custom Bobblehead

The average cost of creating a custom bobblehead:

As you are going to order a personalized bobblehead, you need to be aware of the process of its making. The first is the crafting time. Here, the maker begins making your bobblehead from the ground up. Now it’s time for the shipping, which is the second step. Your bobblehead is complete now, and now it has to reach your doorstep. 

Both these steps need different values. The cost of creating a doll normally ranges between $50 and $100 for each figure. In case you order in bulk or have any coupons, you can get discounts. Furthermore, the shipping charge depends on the number of your items and your delivery speed. Usually, it takes more than 20$. 

As a result, the overall price will be the sum of the crafting and shipping costs.

 The faster you go, the more money you’ll spend:

The longer you hold, the less costly it will be. If you are patient enough to get your order after a few weeks, you will pay a nominal fee. On the other hand, if you are anxious to get your order fast, you need to pay extra. By doing so, you will get your product quicker. 

If you are in a hurry, you can ask your custom bobblehead creator to place a rush order, leading you to extra payment. Also, if you want it delivered in a few days, you’ll have to pay for more premium delivery service.

  custom bobblehead

Type of Bobblehead you select determines the Price of a Bobblehead:

Marvel to Harry Potter, numerous kinds of bobbleheads are available in the market. In this condition, there are also two classes. The first is concerned with the number of figures you wish to display on a single strand, and the second type is concerned with the figure’s size. 

In general, if you increase the number of your products, then you have to pay well for it. Moreover, the lofty and tall your bobblehead is, the more costly it will be. Thus, be cautious about all it.


How long does it take to make a custom bobblehead?

How long does it take to make a bobblehead?

For creating a custom bobblehead, some bobblehead makers take a lot of time to ensure that the end product uses a detailed one as per the picture provided. However, an experienced and good expert can quickly create it depending on the needs.

If you think you need to wait for months to get your custom bobblehead ready, you may be wrong. Because you are not dealing with a credible supplier as the right one can get it done within a few days. And if you have a specific date in your mind, mention the same in your instructions and be ready to pay the extra fees.

custom bobblehead

Select your supplier carefully:


Ensure that the supplier you are choosing has many artists employed. It will help your order be handled quickly, especially when the demand is high. Selecting a reputable supplier will ensure that the order is processed as early as possible. Placing your order with a credible supplier for the custom bobblehead is important as it will not affect the quality of the bobblehead. Still, the time required for completing the order too will get affected. Normally, it takes 10 to 15 days to make a bobblehead, inclusive of shipping, but if you reach out to a credible supplier, you can rush your order and receive it within a few days.

The selection of the right supplier plays a major role here because you can not receive your bobblehead within the stipulated time, but it will not guarantee that it will surely be a quality product. Ensure that you are picking the supplier carefully. Being on the safer side, you always look for a high-quality supplier experienced in the business as they have the experts to create custom bobblehead figures quickly as they have been created hundreds of times already.

The complexity of the work:

While placing the order for a custom bobblehead, you had to ensure that the complexity of the figure you have requested will affect how long it will be completed. Shipping time will also be added. So do ensure that you know the process of creating a high-quality custom bobblehead figure.

Generally, you can receive your bobblehead figure in a few weeks. You can also rush the order and get it completed quickly. But for getting it done on a specific date, you can be asked to pay more for seeking additional service. In addition, the order complexity and the bumble of custom bobbleheads ordered will also affect how long it will take to create and deliver them to your doorstep.



Are custom Bobbleheads worth it?

Bobbleheads are among one the popular collectible items for people of all ages. Many people have a great collection of custom bobbleheads from decades ago. And do you know that these bobbleheads can be worth every penny you have spent? It will depend upon two factors, let’s have a look at them:

Custom Bobblehead


Supply here refers to how many Bobbleheads you have collected that are produced to date? How many of them are still existing? These questions play a big role in determining what any item will be worth paying for.

One other trend that is catching the eyes of normal people is to create or buy custom bobbleheads for themselves and their loved ones. This is why Wedding bobbleheads, Birthday bobbleheads, Valentine’s day bobbleheads, etc., are so much in trend.


Demand is here to measure how many people want the item for famous bobbleheads. Here, it will not matter how rare the item is available. Time is a huge factor. The longer the time has passed since the distribution, more likely someone will put a higher bid on it. Vintage items have a higher value as people feel nostalgic for bygone eras.

As per the supply, the pattern of demand has also changed, and people nowadays like to collect famous bobbleheads and create custom bobbleheads as per their liking. It gives rise to different kind of industry and concepts where you can decorate your own space or professional arena with custom bobbleheads of yours.

Do you know about the most expensive bobblehead?

The most valuable bobblehead was sold in 2014 for $59,750. In Heritage Auctions a Yankee Bobblehead was sold at $60,000. Do know he was not even a famous figure, just a normal Yankee. Usually, a custom bobblehead costs about $120 to $60 for a single doll. The cost may vary and depend upon the size, head option, and design of bobblehead you select and the shipping method you choose.

custom bobblehead

If you are one of the people who love to collect rare bobbleheads, then be ready to shed extra cash from your pocket. And if you are the one that likes to collect the moments and cage them in the form of a bobblehead, then opt for a custom bobblehead and create your memory lane today.



Can I get an custom bobblehead made of myself? Isn’t it funny?

Are you stumped as to what to get your buddy as a present? Then you might want to consider getting a custom bobblehead. Bobbleheads are a popular pick for both children and adults as solo toys. These adorable pieces always furnish car dashboards, desks, tables, showcases, and other decor places. The energetically shaking head of these items is also a great choice for your kids. They can spend hours of playing time with these toy toddlers. For your little ones, it always works as a trustful companion. Ultimately, giving these bobbleheads to your loved ones gives you complete peace of mind.

custom bobblehead


We have talked much about toy and superhero-based bobbleheads. What if you have the opportunity to have a bobblehead that looks like you? Isn’t it exciting? Today, numerous people are personalizing their bobbleheads. Furthermore, if you want to gift it to your favourite person, you can get that as well just by sending a few pictures. Custom bobbleheads can transform your friends into anime characters. It will be a lot of fun if your gifting the custom bobbleheads to your friends on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. The overload of love and cuteness will make your friend fall in love with it. If you are going to make an order online, please follow our procedure. 

How to order your custom bobblehead?

Follow the below-mentioned points to order your custom bobblehead.

  • Choose a physique for your figure that suits your personality. In this situation, you can opt for one from a particular website or completely customize your own. 
  • Send your good photograph, including side view, front view, and back view. Make sure that these pictures are of good resolution. 
  • Designate your eye color, hair color, skin color, and body color as per the color chart. If you cannot get your one, please select your nearest shade. While creating your bobblehead, we will try our best to reach your closest one. 
  • To be in touch with the procedure, we request you keep checking your email box. The website will collect all the information and initiate the process of your customized bobblehead
  • After you’ve given your final clearance, you’ll be able to pick up your gift at home.

custom bobblehead

You can also check out the latest promotions such as global festival shopping, holiday sale, Diwali sale, or any other opportunity to save money. On a special note, try to have a coupon to make your bobblehead shopping extra enjoyable. 



8 Out of box gift for your lady love- Custom female Bobblehead,

Are you looking for some great gifts for your lady love and want to commemorate her special day this time in a rather distinctive way and theme? We all attempt to be as creative as possible when gifting. We’ve got you covered with a terrific and personalised suggestion for your lucky lady, which is none other than a female bobblehead.

Bobblehead dolls are becoming increasingly popular as unique gifting ideas, and they are one of the best gifts to offer to your loved ones. The nicest aspect about these dolls is that they can be personalised to your specifications. So, let’s dive into a world of imaginative gift ideas for your lovely lady on her special days.

Unique Female Bobblehead Gifting Themes

The Superwoman Bobbleheads 

Are you wholly smitten with your lady love because she is so committed to you and supports you in every aspect of your life? You can let her know by getting a superwoman replicated on a custom bobblehead and giving it to her.

This gift-giving suggestion will show your lady luck how much you value her efforts and appreciate everything she does for you. This concept of superwoman would exemplify bravery, feminism, idealism, and courage. It would be all about celebrating your never-ending love for each other and letting her know that you are always in the mood to honor her bravery and the never-ending love you share.

The profession inspired bobblehead

Have you ever considered how you would memorize your lady luck’s professional life and praise her idealism? Well, we’ve come up with a fantastic solution for you. 

Mother’s Day is a special day to honour all of your lucky lady’s accomplishments, and you should take advantage of it. With a distinctive professional female bobblehead theme, you may show your mother that you admire her dedication to her personal and professional lives. 

You can purchase the theme stand in the form of a bobblehead doll for any entrepreneur or professional woman, such as a doctor or any other profession opted by your mother. 

Get a doctor bobblehead replicated in a lovely way so that your mother is entirely enamoured with your gifting notion. These charming and brief movements will convey your emotions and expressions in a way you’ve never experienced before. So, let your imagination run wild to show off your love most beautifully and kindly imaginable.

The celebrity bobbleheads

Is your woman obsessed with celebrities and spends her days daydreaming about them? Does she obsessively follow one? You can take advantage of your lady’s all-consuming adoration for her celebrity crush. You can purchase a famous bobblehead for her, which she adores.

In this manner, you can express your admiration for her interests and how she is dedicated to following a certain influential figure. Make as much of an impression on her as possible. A woman is constantly enthralled by the prospect of having a man who genuinely cares about her hobbies and preferences. So, if she’s a huge lover of Michael Jackson or Eminem, gift her a celebrity bobblehead to respect her choices.


The chef’s theme

Every child’s mother is the best cook on the planet. Why not use some bobbleheads to communicate your feelings this time? If your lovely mother is a stay-at-home mom and you want to make her feel extra special, you may have a bobblehead customized in the shape of a chef made to honour the everyday contributions she makes for you.

This will show your mother how much you appreciate the little things she does for you daily. Celebrate this upcoming happy event to honour your wonderful mother’s tireless efforts.


The fashionista mom

Is your mother a fashionista who loves to be dressed at all times? If so, she’ll adore your idea of a fashionable customized bobblehead doll. This is one of the most fantastic ideas for a Mother’s Day gift.

This would show your mother how much you value her in every way and how she carries herself. So, on Mother’s Day, get your mother a one-of-a-kind and spectacular gift.


The fighter taekwondo mom

Do you consider your mother a strong and capable woman who has struggled in one of the most difficult battles to raise you? This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking forward to. Get her a female bobblehead doll that is a duplicate of her face, and decorate it with a taekwondo theme to show her how much you appreciate her fighting spirit.

This theme would be a fitting tribute to her bravery and never-ending efforts.


The athletic woman bobblehead 

Is your woman constantly in the mood to stay fit and active, putting her health first? Then a custom female bobblehead based on an aesthetic concept could be the best option. For example, if she enjoys badminton, you can have a bobblehead doll made that looks exactly like her.

Make the most of your creativity and surprise her with something she wouldn’t expect. You can respect her leisure time while also admiring her aesthetic abilities and other interests.

The bridal bobblehead

Have you decided to marry her, or are you planning to propose to her on the big day and want to surprise her with one of the most valuable themes? Presenting her with a female bobblehead that screams volumes about how delighted you are to see her dressed as a bride would be a great option.

Female Bobblehead

You can acquire the gorgeous bride bobblehead for a great gift experience, whether for the big day, birthday, or anniversary. She’d go all smitten after this innovative and lovely surprise, and she’d treasure it for the rest of her life. Have it all done by the best producers, who will care for all of your needs and tiny details?

Female Bobbleheads are one of the most inventive and heartfelt ways to express yourself today. Creative women are always on the lookout for unique and innovative gifts. So, for their upcoming special events, satisfy her creative wishes by providing them with some wonderfully designed female bobbleheads.


8 Tips for buying custom bobblehead online, 3rd one is the Best

It might be challenging to find a gift for someone you like the most. Every person has their fondness, likes, and dislikes. But some options will always bring praise and contentment regardless of who you’re giving them to. Yes, we are talking about custom bobbleheads, and these are like a present that the whole universe yearns for. 

custom bobblehead

Getting a personalized or female bobblehead online can be a considerable method to show your love to someone dear to your heart. However, knowing what to shop for when browsing is critical if you want to get much more out of this experience. Doing so won’t lead to dissatisfaction and any other trouble. Thankfully, we’ve taken care of everything for you by presenting some helpful hints below! 

 Although, it is effortless to get your personalized or custom bobblehead only by sending an appropriate picture. But there are some essential notes to be conscious of when you will purchase your bobblehead online. In this situation, there is an excellent requirement of being mindful of the price, design, the event, and most importantly, the quality. Let’s jump into the details:

1. Don’t be fooled by the low price!

Having an economical deal is more important than a cheap one. Many people get attracted to the low prices, which cost them more than usual. Consequently, you need to opt for a reasonable price range and always weigh up the quality of their products. If you are approaching a high-class company, you are free to ask about some samples like female bobbleheads, doctor bobbleheads with them. Have a look at them before placing your order.

2. Check to see if they’re using high-quality materials!

Always go ahead with quality over quantity when it comes to the material. For instance, if your company uses resin or ceramic material, it will have a long span. On the other hand, if you are using another material, be sure about its durability and flexibility. 

3. Don’t Forget About the Add-Ons!

To add some fun experiences, many companies add additional accessories such as sunglasses, neck chains, caps, tattoos, and other fun costumes. Thus, it will be an extra pleasure to add such an accessory to your customized bobblehead. 

4. Is their work is of exceptional quality?

It would be beneficial for you to pour your eye over the past products of the company you are approaching. Try to get more testimonials, reviews, or feedback for more information. Scrutinize whether they have received any certificate or award for their work for preparing and shipping custom bobbleheads. All this will make you more confident about your choice before purchasing. 

5. Custom Bobbleheads Delivered Quickly!

The delivery time ultimately depends on the bobblehead’s complexity and the sculptures’ expertise. The best thing about purchasing a bobblehead is the convenience of getting the fast, usually 2 to 3 weeks after ordering. It is difficult to find such things at physical stores; ordering them online is a great gift. Moreover, if you want, you can also add a note to your gift. 

6. Take care about the use and size. 

6, 7, or 8 inches are the average size for bobbleheads. In case you want your size, then please let the company know. If you want to gift it to somebody, 7 or 9 inches is appropriate. On the other hand, 6 inches is more than enough for a cake topper. 

7. Do you require a stationary head or bobblehead?

While crafting a one, there is an option of a mobile head or an immobile. The fixed head looks nice while moving one gives a funny experience. Online sellers mostly charge a little extra for a moving or bobblehead. 

8. Revision or proofing

During the custom-made time, most organizations provide proofing and revision services. The custom bobblehead is yours to authorize or demand modifications to. Thus, it is essential to be in touch with the company and go into the details. Please note that you will no longer be able to request adjustments once the bobblehead has been assembled and baked. So, think about when you’ll need the bobblehead and pick a plan that works for you. It’s best to double-check with customer service if you’re unsure.

Final thoughts:

If you are unaware of the customization of the bobblehead, then it can sound odd to you. However, once you see how these affordable small gifts can delight your loved ones and are appropriate for any occasion, you’ll probably want one for yourself. If you’re having trouble finding the right present, consider bespoke bobblehead dolls.




 How to create your own custom bobblehead?

Choosing a gift for those we care about isn’t always easy, especially when we hope to make our special ones’ particular occasion mind-blowing.

We spend a lot of time looking for the greatest gifts, something that fits the person’s personality and hobbies, and will be remembered as a lovely memory for a long time.

According to us, you can customize a bobblehead doll. You will get a miniature of your loved one that will be almost similar to them. Thus, to amaze the one you adore, give them a present that they will never forget in their lives; you must go for a custom bobblehead

custom bobblehead

To get the same, are you browsing on the internet? Or would you like to understand a little more about this fantastic product before choosing whether or not you want one in your life (you do!)? In any case, you’ve arrived at the correct spot.

Here, on this page, you will understand the procedure of customizing your bobblehead. Most crucially, you’ll learn how to obtain the best results from your bobblehead so that it may bring the most grins. First, if bobblehead is a new expression for you, need to know something about it. 

What is a bobblehead?

A bobblehead is a doll with a moving head on an immobile body. For added emphasis, the head is frequently disproportionately large compared to the body. This item style is also a wobbler, nodder, or bobblehead. 

How to Make Your Custom-Made Bobblehead?

We have realized that you are itching to customize your bobblehead the same as you. Have we made the correct guesses? Although, these custom bobbleheads making demands a lot of skill, time, and passion. But thankfully, getting a professionally handcrafted or custom bobblehead is much simpler than you would believe. Keep your eyes on the below-written tips; believe us, you will not go wrong if you follow us. 

Step 1- Make a vision for yourself.

To be honest, even the most popular bobblehead makers can turn you into a bobblehead only if you are straightforward about what you wish. Without that clearness, you will lead to an unexpected result. 

It would not be enough that you need a bobblehead that is a complete copy of what you want to create, and it must portray that person at its best. Thus, make a fantasy of your favorite person, or you can put their picture in front of you. No matter which option you choose, be clear about it. 

Step 2- Select an appropriate photograph.

Selecting the picture you want to create is the essential part of all. If you go wrong with this, your entire hard work will lead to the risk of failure.

Pick your image with the correct resolution to get a clear outcome. If you have the picture of both from front and back, it will give you a more precise idea of what you are making. We request you not to overlook the importance of this step.

Step 3- Be precise for every detail

Remember that if you want to give life to your custom bobblehead, then you must be accurate with your details such as eyes, lips, and nose. 

If you keep the same thing in mind, it will give you an excellent outcome. Moreover, to make your custom bobblehead more classy, you can add accessories such as sunglasses or neck chains. 

Step 4- Take a Proactive Approach

Your level of activism and participation will decide the look of your product. You should also choose your type of body (or the type you want) and the situation you wish the person to be in when uploading the photographs. Even if it’s just wearing the same clothes as in the images, letting the sculptor know is crucial.

Summing up

It is genuinely an unmatchable and magical gift whether you are making this custom bobblehead for yourself or the person you adore the most. However, your doll must be made with the love and care you desire. If not, the absence of talent and passion will be apparent. 

With the assistance of these pointers, you can get your best custom bobblehead. From the elaborate artistry to the long-lasting materials, every feature will exceed your highest dreams. And it is a promise from our guiders, who are dedicated and motivated to work.







Custom Bobbleheads- What you need to know and How to make one instantly?

custom bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are more commonly referred to by names like wobbler, nodder, or strange wobbler. A custom bobblehead is a kind of little activity figure, the head area of which is comparatively more significant than its rest body. Rather than a strong attachment, its head is aligned with the body via spring so that a light touch will make its head move around, or “bobble,” thus the name. 

Nowadays custom bobbleheads are available as per the requirements and can be gifted to the loved ones on any special occasion.

A brief history about Custom Bobbleheads

You may be keen to know how and when this fantastic thing got introduced to our markets!!. So history says that during the seventeenth century, the first bobbleheads were made as religious figures, for example – buddha or temple wobble

The first actual Bobblehead was made in Germany, whereas the Russian short story “Overcoat” gave the first reference to this figure.

Want to make your own Custom Bobbleheads?? Let’s discuss the steps involved…!!


You will need sturdy cardboard (you can use a thick box); now, cut it into two shapes—one with a slit down the middle.


Now it’s time to join two pieces of your cardboard together in such a way that one slides into the other. A “+” sign should be there at the base, and please use hot glue to join it by applying it at the seams.


In the next step, you need to start crunching up the newspaper and apply hot glue all around your figures. Remember to start with the cracks.


You have to continue filling further, aiming to give it a shape just like a person’s body.


Now that you have achieved a good body shape, start adding arms and hand shape to your figure. To get a robust base, you may need to cut the “+” shape of the base at this stage.


Choose a wooden base for your custom Bobblehead and glue it to that wooden base.


Now it’s paper mache time!!! Sounds fun, right!! So, take a bowl and mix some flour with water until the consistency turns smoothly. Start covering the whole body of your figure by dipping newspapers in this flour mixture. Keep doing till the figure is completely covered. Start making the head now, and for that, you need to blow up a balloon of your desired size and cover it with dipped newspaper the same way. The tip of the balloon should stick to the bottom. Now let it dry.


It’s time to add some dimension to the face. Tear small pieces of cotton and start sticking them to the front (making eyes, ears, nose, chin, etc.). You can also use the picture of the person you aim to make as a reference. Once you give shapes with cotton, cover the figure with paper mache again and let it dry.


Yeah, the best part is here!!! Paint time!!! Paint the entire figure white. Pop up the balloon inside your figurehead and remember there should be a hole at its bottom large enough to fix it to the body.

Create the outfit and shoes now with paint. It would be better if you use markers to make faces. 

 STEP 10 

Now you reach the trickiest part!! Attaching the head. It would help if you had a small spring and glued it inside the head to its top position (basically, the spring needs to attach inside the headpiece). Now attach the other end of the spring at the top of the body. When you do it this way, the head swings even with a bit of tap.

So, your DIY or custom Bobblehead is ready. If you want to gift something special to your loved ones, a self-made bobblehead can serve the purpose for you.