Predator Bobbleheads

Fan of the predators? Bring home your favorite Predator bobbleheads to honor your fandom.

One of the most iconic and engaging sci-fi action series, Predator is highly popular among all generations. Our vast collection of superior figures includes the predator bobblehead for all the true fans. Crafted to perfection, it is a gem that must be added to your collection.

When the movie was released, it introduced us to a whole world of intense characters that blew our minds. Be it the Jungle Hunter, Broken Tusk, or the Headhunter – our brilliantly sculpted bobbleheads bring these characters to life.

Being experts in the industry, LuckyBobblehead has been bringing high-quality figures in a multitude of options for its audiences. This means we leave no stone unturned to ensure you always get your favorite characters as bobbleheads at our website.

Nobody knows the art of creating stunning predator bobbleheads like us! Once you buy them from us, you will be envied by so many for possessing such a unique and classic figure that adorns a ton of accessories making it look exactly how you saw it in the movie.