custom Bobblehead

 How much does a new custom bobblehead cost? 

Add the cuteness of a bobblehead to your graduation time, family get together, romantic moments, sports event, wedding day, birthday, or any other day and make it learn by heart. Here, the good news is that you don’t need to cough up a lot of pennies to get your custom bobblehead. Just find a reputable and proven bobblehead maker that can produce a single high-quality figure for you quickly and at a low cost.

custom Bobblehead

The average cost of creating a custom bobblehead:

As you are going to order a personalized bobblehead, you need to be aware of the process of its making. The first is the crafting time. Here, the maker begins making your bobblehead from the ground up. Now it’s time for the shipping, which is the second step. Your bobblehead is complete now, and now it has to reach your doorstep. 

Both these steps need different values. The cost of creating a doll normally ranges between $50 and $100 for each figure. In case you order in bulk or have any coupons, you can get discounts. Furthermore, the shipping charge depends on the number of your items and your delivery speed. Usually, it takes more than 20$. 

As a result, the overall price will be the sum of the crafting and shipping costs.

 The faster you go, the more money you’ll spend:

The longer you hold, the less costly it will be. If you are patient enough to get your order after a few weeks, you will pay a nominal fee. On the other hand, if you are anxious to get your order fast, you need to pay extra. By doing so, you will get your product quicker. 

If you are in a hurry, you can ask your custom bobblehead creator to place a rush order, leading you to extra payment. Also, if you want it delivered in a few days, you’ll have to pay for more premium delivery service.

  custom bobblehead

Type of Bobblehead you select determines the Price of a Bobblehead:

Marvel to Harry Potter, numerous kinds of bobbleheads are available in the market. In this condition, there are also two classes. The first is concerned with the number of figures you wish to display on a single strand, and the second type is concerned with the figure’s size. 

In general, if you increase the number of your products, then you have to pay well for it. Moreover, the lofty and tall your bobblehead is, the more costly it will be. Thus, be cautious about all it.


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