How long does it take to make a custom bobblehead?

How long does it take to make a bobblehead?

For creating a custom bobblehead, some bobblehead makers take a lot of time to ensure that the end product uses a detailed one as per the picture provided. However, an experienced and good expert can quickly create it depending on the needs.

If you think you need to wait for months to get your custom bobblehead ready, you may be wrong. Because you are not dealing with a credible supplier as the right one can get it done within a few days. And if you have a specific date in your mind, mention the same in your instructions and be ready to pay the extra fees.

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Select your supplier carefully:


Ensure that the supplier you are choosing has many artists employed. It will help your order be handled quickly, especially when the demand is high. Selecting a reputable supplier will ensure that the order is processed as early as possible. Placing your order with a credible supplier for the custom bobblehead is important as it will not affect the quality of the bobblehead. Still, the time required for completing the order too will get affected. Normally, it takes 10 to 15 days to make a bobblehead, inclusive of shipping, but if you reach out to a credible supplier, you can rush your order and receive it within a few days.

The selection of the right supplier plays a major role here because you can not receive your bobblehead within the stipulated time, but it will not guarantee that it will surely be a quality product. Ensure that you are picking the supplier carefully. Being on the safer side, you always look for a high-quality supplier experienced in the business as they have the experts to create custom bobblehead figures quickly as they have been created hundreds of times already.

The complexity of the work:

While placing the order for a custom bobblehead, you had to ensure that the complexity of the figure you have requested will affect how long it will be completed. Shipping time will also be added. So do ensure that you know the process of creating a high-quality custom bobblehead figure.

Generally, you can receive your bobblehead figure in a few weeks. You can also rush the order and get it completed quickly. But for getting it done on a specific date, you can be asked to pay more for seeking additional service. In addition, the order complexity and the bumble of custom bobbleheads ordered will also affect how long it will take to create and deliver them to your doorstep.



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