custom bobbleheads

Custom Bobbleheads- What you need to know and How to make one instantly?

custom bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are more commonly referred to by names like wobbler, nodder, or strange wobbler. A custom bobblehead is a kind of little activity figure, the head area of which is comparatively more significant than its rest body. Rather than a strong attachment, its head is aligned with the body via spring so that a light touch will make its head move around, or “bobble,” thus the name. 

Nowadays custom bobbleheads are available as per the requirements and can be gifted to the loved ones on any special occasion.

A brief history about Custom Bobbleheads

You may be keen to know how and when this fantastic thing got introduced to our markets!!. So history says that during the seventeenth century, the first bobbleheads were made as religious figures, for example – buddha or temple wobble

The first actual Bobblehead was made in Germany, whereas the Russian short story “Overcoat” gave the first reference to this figure.

Want to make your own Custom Bobbleheads?? Let’s discuss the steps involved…!!


You will need sturdy cardboard (you can use a thick box); now, cut it into two shapes—one with a slit down the middle.


Now it’s time to join two pieces of your cardboard together in such a way that one slides into the other. A “+” sign should be there at the base, and please use hot glue to join it by applying it at the seams.


In the next step, you need to start crunching up the newspaper and apply hot glue all around your figures. Remember to start with the cracks.


You have to continue filling further, aiming to give it a shape just like a person’s body.


Now that you have achieved a good body shape, start adding arms and hand shape to your figure. To get a robust base, you may need to cut the “+” shape of the base at this stage.


Choose a wooden base for your custom Bobblehead and glue it to that wooden base.


Now it’s paper mache time!!! Sounds fun, right!! So, take a bowl and mix some flour with water until the consistency turns smoothly. Start covering the whole body of your figure by dipping newspapers in this flour mixture. Keep doing till the figure is completely covered. Start making the head now, and for that, you need to blow up a balloon of your desired size and cover it with dipped newspaper the same way. The tip of the balloon should stick to the bottom. Now let it dry.


It’s time to add some dimension to the face. Tear small pieces of cotton and start sticking them to the front (making eyes, ears, nose, chin, etc.). You can also use the picture of the person you aim to make as a reference. Once you give shapes with cotton, cover the figure with paper mache again and let it dry.


Yeah, the best part is here!!! Paint time!!! Paint the entire figure white. Pop up the balloon inside your figurehead and remember there should be a hole at its bottom large enough to fix it to the body.

Create the outfit and shoes now with paint. It would be better if you use markers to make faces. 

 STEP 10 

Now you reach the trickiest part!! Attaching the head. It would help if you had a small spring and glued it inside the head to its top position (basically, the spring needs to attach inside the headpiece). Now attach the other end of the spring at the top of the body. When you do it this way, the head swings even with a bit of tap.

So, your DIY or custom Bobblehead is ready. If you want to gift something special to your loved ones, a self-made bobblehead can serve the purpose for you.


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