Bulk Custom Bobbleheads

Lucky Bobblehead has an expertise in handling bulk orders at the most competitive prices. More the number of dolls required, lesser will be the rate. For official meets with large groups, this can be the best memento gift given to all the attendees. Creating bulk orders with identical faces is easier and faster. We create the doll with the specifications and requirements provided by you and get the same approved from you. Once you approve, we use the same mold to create multiple identical figurines in bulk. To add and customize, we will create the common body for all the bobbleheads with different faces that will be as provided in the photos shared by you. We are well equipped to fulfil the large orders with all unique designs. You can send an email with your requirements and we will provide you the best quotes for any kind of the bulk orders, be it identical or custom bobbleheads. Our customer services is focussed towards 100% satisfaction of our customers . We provide exceptional customer service throughout the creative process of making the bobbleheads.