custom bobblehead

Are custom Bobbleheads worth it?

Bobbleheads are among one the popular collectible items for people of all ages. Many people have a great collection of custom bobbleheads from decades ago. And do you know that these bobbleheads can be worth every penny you have spent? It will depend upon two factors, let’s have a look at them:

Custom Bobblehead


Supply here refers to how many Bobbleheads you have collected that are produced to date? How many of them are still existing? These questions play a big role in determining what any item will be worth paying for.

One other trend that is catching the eyes of normal people is to create or buy custom bobbleheads for themselves and their loved ones. This is why Wedding bobbleheads, Birthday bobbleheads, Valentine’s day bobbleheads, etc., are so much in trend.


Demand is here to measure how many people want the item for famous bobbleheads. Here, it will not matter how rare the item is available. Time is a huge factor. The longer the time has passed since the distribution, more likely someone will put a higher bid on it. Vintage items have a higher value as people feel nostalgic for bygone eras.

As per the supply, the pattern of demand has also changed, and people nowadays like to collect famous bobbleheads and create custom bobbleheads as per their liking. It gives rise to different kind of industry and concepts where you can decorate your own space or professional arena with custom bobbleheads of yours.

Do you know about the most expensive bobblehead?

The most valuable bobblehead was sold in 2014 for $59,750. In Heritage Auctions a Yankee Bobblehead was sold at $60,000. Do know he was not even a famous figure, just a normal Yankee. Usually, a custom bobblehead costs about $120 to $60 for a single doll. The cost may vary and depend upon the size, head option, and design of bobblehead you select and the shipping method you choose.

custom bobblehead

If you are one of the people who love to collect rare bobbleheads, then be ready to shed extra cash from your pocket. And if you are the one that likes to collect the moments and cage them in the form of a bobblehead, then opt for a custom bobblehead and create your memory lane today.



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