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A Guide To Throwing an Unforgettable Surprise Graduation Party

The past year was hard for everyone. In particular, school, as well as college students, found learning difficult in these unprecedented times. The stress and anxiety surrounding the pandemic made it impossible to focus. Whether your child or sibling has recently graduated, their hard work deserves to be celebrated.
Now that social distancing restrictions are finally being lifted, it’s time to throw the ultimate party for the new graduate. Here how you can surprise your loved one with a memorable graduation party.

Pick a Venue

While hosting a party at home is convenient and budget-friendly, it would be difficult to keep everything under wraps. You are bound to invite suspicion if you are taking out lights and decorations from the garage. Hosting the party at a different location is the best way to make it a surprise. Booking a venue will also help you keep it a secret till the very last second.

Send Invites Early

Since it’s graduation season, the weekend will be packed with parties. That’s why you should send the invites as early as possible. Also, make sure you are inviting people your child knows and likes. There is no point in inviting distant family members they haven’t ever met.

Inform Guests It’s a Surprise

Don’t forget to inform your guests to keep the party a secret. Tell them to act as normal as possible.

Get a Unique & Thoughtful Gift

You need the perfect gift to commemorate this special occasion. Personalized bobblehead dolls make fun yet thoughtful gifts that your kid will cherish forever. If they are headed to become a doctor or graduated from medical school, you should get them a doctor bobblehead.

Ask for Help

Pulling off a surprise party is not an easy task. Instead of trying to do everything by yourself, ask a friend or family member to help you out. They can also cover for you if your kid is getting suspicious.
If your child’s close friends are graduating at the same time, you can consider throwing a combined party.

Choose Perfect Food

A sit-down dinner with gourmet dishes is not something that most teenagers and young adults enjoy. Go for pizza, tacos, or any other food your child loves. You can set up a buffet or hire a food truck.

Order Custom Cupcakes or Cookies

For dessert, order custom cupcakes or cookies with the new graduate’s face or graduation date. Alternatively, you can also get a personalized photo cake.

Set Up a Photobooth

Did it even happen if it was not documented on social media? Set up a photo booth with props to capture the special moments of the day.

Personalized Social Media Filter

These days, social media filters are all the rage. Since everyone will be putting up Instagram and Snapchat stories, you can create a custom filter for the occasion.

Pretend It’s Someone Else’s Party

How do you take your child to the party without suspicion? You tell them you are going to someone else’s party. This is also a sneaky way to make sure they dress fancy for the event.

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