A Brief Guide To Throwing a Charming Wedding on a Dirt-Cheap Budget

There are a few things in life as stressful as planning a wedding. With so many things to look after, wedding planning can turn even the calmest person into a raging bridezilla. Are you working with a strict budget? In this post, we’re sharing cost-saving ideas that will not take away any fun from your big day. Take a look. 

1. Skip a Fancy Venue

A fancy venue is likely going to eat up a huge chunk of your budget. And on top of that, you’d have to pay for decoration and catering. Skip all the hassle by hosting your wedding in your backyard or rooftop. It’s not only charming but also free. 

If you don’t have access to a spacious outdoor area, then consider picking an off-season date for your wedding. This way you can rent a venue at discounted prices. 

2. Make Your Own Wedding Cake

A shop stopper cake has become a staple for weddings. However, wedding cakes are expensive and often go to waste at the end of the night. We’ll share an easy hack that will give you the best of both worlds. Buy affordable cakes, extra icing and fondant from supermarkets. You can easily remove the existing icing and apply new layers to make a cheap cake look stunning. 

You can further personalize the cake with custom bobbleheads of the bride and groom. It’s so easy to make wedding bobbleheads and you get to keep them forever as a memento from your big day. 

3. Rent Outfits

Even the simplest wedding dress can cost a fortune. Is it worth it to spend so much on a dress or tux that you’re going to wear once in your life? Whether you want to be more sustainable or simply save more, think about renting outfits. You can rent designer dresses and tuxes at a fraction of the cost. This is also an affordable alternative for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

4. Get a Food Truck

A proper sit-down meal with three courses and waitstaff is way too formal and costly. Add an element of fun to your wedding with a food truck. Freshly prepared Mexican delicacies or BBQ is going to be much more delightful than a small portion of lemon-marinated salmon and asparagus. Along with a food truck, consider setting up a self-service appetizer station with charcuterie boards and store-bought canapés.

5. Limit Options

No party is complete without a bar. If you want to treat your family and friends to an open bar, then limit options to enjoy greater savings. Stick to beer and wine if you don’t want your guests to pay for drinks. 

6. Keep it Small

The longer your guest list, the more expensive the wedding will be. Keep it small by only inviting your closest friends and family. 

7. Ask a Loved One to Officiate

Getting a priest to officiate your wedding can cost anywhere between $150- $600. You can completely eliminate this expense by asking a friend or family member to get ordained and officiate your wedding. Asking a loved one also makes the ceremony more sentimental and meaningful.

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