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9 Useful Tips for Throwing an Intimate Baby Shower

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Does your sister or bestie have a little one on the way? Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful tradition to celebrate this occasion. We understand that you may feel overwhelmed if it’s your first time planning a baby shower or any sort of party. Luckily, we are happy to share our best tips for throwing a memorable baby shower for the mom-to-be. Let’s get started. 

Think About the Venue

If you are planning an intimate gathering, there may not be a need to book a venue. Hosting the baby shower at your or the mom’s house is also a way to keep the expenses in check. All you need to do is move the furniture around, and voilà, you have a space to celebrate.

Pay Attention to the Guestlist

Trust us, you don’t want to pull a Monica by not inviting the mother of the mom-to-be. Take your time to put together the guest list to ensure you don’t leave out anyone important. If it’s a surprise baby shower, speak to the new mom’s close friends and family to plan the guest list.

Send Invites

Ideally, you should send out the invites at least three or four weeks before the day so that all the guests can easily clear their schedules. 

Decide a Theme

You can pick a specific color palette for the decorations or choose a theme for the baby shower. A nautical theme, fall theme, or pop-culture theme are a few of our top picks.

Plan the Menu

When it comes to baby showers, it’s best to stick to hors d’oeuvres and drinks instead of going all out with a sit-down meal. Finger foods and charcuterie boards also encourage guests to mingle with each other.

Think of Games & Activities

You can take the baby shower to the next level by planning a few games and activities for the guests. A baby onesie decorating contest or a blind diaper changing game are some fun ideas you can consider. 

Don’t Forget to Document

Apart from capturing memories on your phone, how about going ol’ school with a disposable camera? Get a bunch of disposable cameras and ask the guests to click pictures throughout the evening.

Get a Custom Gift

In addition to throwing a baby shower, giving the new mom a thoughtful gift is also a sweet gesture. You can rest assured that she will receive an abundance of onesies and baby products. If you are looking for something unique and fun, we suggest getting a baby bobblehead that will serve as a beautiful reminder for the celebration. It would be best to go for customized baby or cartoon bobbleheads

Create a Baby Register

There are many things like diaper genies and other baby gadgets that make life easier for new parents. You can prevent two guests getting the same present by creating a baby registry. Gift registries help make gift shopping convenient for guests and also ensure that soon-to-be mama receives things that she actually wants.

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